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OutcomesPlus Consulting is promoted by top transformation consultant S R V Subrahmaniam (Subbu) and has a network of consultants to take part in assignments.

Subbu has deep, substantive change management & Agile transformation experience in Product houses & GICs having worked / consulted with companies like Siemens, Ford, BNYM, RBS to name a few.



OKRs is a goal setting and tracking framework adopted to place the organisations in a better place to achieve the goals and create an high performance culture

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation is about reworking the Organization structures, processes, procedures and help build a culture which enables Agile teams to succeed, thereby leading to better organisational outcomes.

Soft Leadership

Knowledge and creative industries emerging at a more rapid pace coupled with the increasingly dynamic nature of the operating environments have meant that newer leadership styles emerge and take root.


We do SAFe 5 certification trainings and custom made Scrum, Kanban and Agile leadership, Soft Leadership trainings. These trainings are designed to maximise the learning and learner participation by using ...

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